Young and Skilled Labor Force...
Young and Skilled Labor Force...

The demographics of Türkiye’s population have a positive impact on the country’s economy, representing a window of opportunity in many respects.

The young and well-educated population of Türkiye is considered to be a great asset as investors are facing considerable challenges elsewhere in Europe, such as ageing and shrinking populations. Türkiye offers excellent opportunities with its growing, young, and dynamic population — an indispensable contributor to a strong labor pool and a lucrative domestic market.

Over 30,5 million young, well educated and motivated professionals.

Approximately 733.000 students graduate per year from over 193 universities.

More than 950.000 high school graduates with around half from vocational and technical high schools.

Turkish workforce consists of talented, well educated, skilled and industrious professionals.

World Bank and OECD reports indicate that Türkiye is one of the most advantageous countries in Europe in terms of labor force and the working age capacity. The same reports also demonstrate that Türkiye is expected to keep this advantage in an increacing pace, even in the year 2050.

On the other hand, Türkiye does not only have a large scale of labor force reserves, the productivity and efficiency of this labor force is impressive as well.